Comparison is never new to everybody says Gina of London escort. This kind of thing as I could remember I started to feel and witnessed it when I am still very young and that is in my toddler years. As I remember I was being compared to my classmate who seems to be my neighbor and childhood friend. Her mother and my mother also were friends and neighbors too for we live in a province so even if our house is 1 kilometer away from each other still they call it as neighbors for as long as you live and stayed on the same zone. I began to notice that after the honor list of our kinder two class were announced. I heard it all by my two ears. I heard from her mom saying words to my teacher and most of that were comparing her child to me. So by that time I never had an idea of what is comparisonlater then I have realized that I those words that were coming from the mount of her mother is words of comparison.

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So when I was on my grade school years I grow hearing those same words coming from classmates already even when I got into high school but not so anymore when I am in college. There is this big question in me, why these words were created? Does this make sense to people who says it or to the ones who hears it? I am a bit bothered with its existence in the world. Now that I have my own children I make it to the point that my children will have full understanding on being compared because for me that kind of thing as I had witnessed with some of my friends chaos starts in there. They never talked with my friend for about 4 years only when we graduated in high school they greeted each other congratulations and that’s it I don’t know now if they become friends or a long lost friend. I don’t want that kind of experience to happen in kid’s life.  That is something ridiculous in me. What I always keep on saying with my kids were each of them are unique and they cannot be compared to anybody else for they have their own identity as a child and as a person.

But comparison sometimes can be in the form of positive declaration. There were those comparison who brings challenges and inspiration. It will just depends on the given situation and how it was delivered and informed to person concerned. There were certain areas in life that needs comparison like in business, work, and achievement but not with one’s capability and uniqueness. In business most especially on escorts industry, given the fact that the competition among escorts personality were in demand and becoming as each day passes by. Now the administration of that given escorts industry will compare their quality of service with others so that they will know where they need to improve to take over the credibility record of the other escort industry.

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